Cutlery novelties that define dining elegance

Published 09. October 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Introducing Sardegna Waterfall, Image with POM handle and Living Stone Wash

Cutlery novelties that define dining elegance

At first glance, they impress with their stylish design. Quality material is a matter of course. The shape and surface of the handle ensure extremely comfortable eating. Each cutlery novelty is unique in some way, but what unites them all is the harmony of design and functionality.

Sardegna with waterfall pattern

Admirable as a view of one of the most impressive natural phenomena. Such is the Sardegna Waterfall cutlery. The handle is decorated with a waterfall pattern and with the pure all mirror head forms a charming contrast. In doing so, it not only serves an aesthetic function, but also does not slip in the hand thanks to the grooves. When dining with loved ones, you will be able to eat carefree and enjoy the present moment. Just like listening to the sound of a waterfall.

Resistant POM handle in two colours

The Image cutlery gets attention with its matt steel head and handmade handle in black or sand colour. You can rely not only on style, but especially on long-lasting quality. POM plastic has high strength, hardness and moisture resistance. However, the real enjoyment comes after you hold it in your hand. The smooth surface makes it extremely comfortable to hold, so you can enjoy your favourite foods even more.

Best Selling Living
in Stone Wash Finish

It will enchant you with a timeless design that will always be in trend. The square handles and simple clean lines will stand out in any type of interior. But we said to us, why not take it to an even higher level? And so, we bring you our bestseller in a new finish that gives it an inimitable industrial look. In addition, there are fewer visible scratches or fingerprints, so it will look like new even with the passage of time.

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