Lunasol by Sola

Published 21. October 2021 Tags: Marketing and activities

A young brand with a well established know how

Lunasol by Sola
Do you prefer modern or well established brand?
Our guess is that you would most likely choose a combination of both.
And that’s what Lunasol is!

Lunasol was founded in 2008. It belongs to the portfolio of the biggest Swiss cutlery manufacturer Sola Switzerland AG, established in 1866. The brand encompasses youthfulness, and is based on the firm principles of the five generations of its parent company, Sola Switzerland AG. Lunasol brings high quality pots, pans, knives, porcelain, and glasses directly from the manufacturer to the markets all around the world.

Lunasol benefits from a 150-year experience and the innovative approach of its parent company that first launched special cutlery such as yoghurt spoons and different degustation cutlery into the market. Lunasol offers a wide range of products that can accompany you throughout your day. From breakfast at sunrise, dinner in the evening, even to a moonlit night with a glass of wine in your hand, Lunasol is here to satisfy your desires.

Just like the name suggests, Lunasol can be your companion from moonlight (Luna) to sunlight (Sol) and all day in between. Lunasol brings a fulfilling experience to your dining. If you enjoy nicely set tables, good food and pleasant company at your table, you are welcome in our world. Welcome to the world of a fulfulling dining experience!

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