The wide scale of services provided goes side by side with creativity and technical sophistication. Innovative and unique methods used widen the spectrum of skills and made the services promoted complex. The priorities based on responsibility and clients satisfaction are the most important part of our business.


Made by Creativity

Nature of projects at Sola requires a qualified team with dynamic approach on the topic. Value of the team reflects the mixture of specialists with various educational and experience backgrounds that is instantly promoted in work outcomes.

Shop System

Searching for simple and smart solutions of store furnishing customized? The Shop System with interesting design and natural shapes dedicated to store facilities reflects all the basic expectations of modern equipment.

Fairs organization

International experiences with fairs and exhibitions organization led to the idea of fairs organization service offered worldwide.

Law and Consultancy

Sola legal and compliance team working as an independent department located in Nitra, Slovakia has been developed as a natural solution for law services provided. Since 2011 the legal and compliance services focusing on finding solutions to support clients are delivered.