Cutlery creator
since 1866

Our company, Sola Switzerland, has been bringing experiences to households, kitchens, and restaurants around the world for over 150 years. Gradually, we have become one of the most requested manufacturers of cutlery, porcelain, and other tableware and cooking accessories worldwide. Thanks to the combination of Swiss precision, top-quality craftsmanship, and exceptional design, we are among the most sought-after gastronomic companies globally.


Immediate product availability

Is guaranteed primarily through our market strategy, modern logistics platform, warehouse inventory, and in-house facilities for matt finishing, sandblasting, and silver plating. Engraving of cutlery has also become extremely popular among our customers.


We keep up with current trends

With the passion that drives our team, we are able to create unique and stylish products. These are popular not only in the professional gastronomy segment but also in retail sales. In addition to style, we place great emphasis on the functionality and craftsmanship of our cutlery. Investments in the latest technologies and a commitment to the highest quality give us a competitive advantage.

Design studio

Our own design studio

We design 3D full-size models in it, and as prototypes, we send them directly to our manufacturing plants. This significantly helps us maintain the ongoing support of our customers.


Since 2016, we have been a proud member of Amfori, the leading global association for open and sustainable trade. Its goal is to help companies monitor and improve the sustainability of their supply chains. It is the participation in Amfori that guarantees that we really care about social responsibility and ecology. We believe that this cooperation helps us create better conditions for all our customers, employees and partners. As a cutlery manufacturer with our own production facilities, we can demonstrate compliance with social and environmental principles from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of our cutlery. Our company participates in both Amfori initiatives BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative and BEPI Business Environment Performance Initiative.

ISO quality

We are an ISO certified company

We rigorously control and analyze every step in the manufacturing process, ensuring that our products reach each customer in perfect condition.

If you need our certificates – we will gladly provide them to you. Please address your requests to e-mail:

Where are we?

Sola Point


You can personally visit us in Emmen, the Swiss headquarters of our company, where we have a showroom and a central warehouse with a size of 36,000 m3.

Virtual tour through the showroom
Sola Point

Ivanka pri Nitre

We provide logistics coverage for European countries all the way to Eurasia from Slovakia. In Ivanka pri Nitre, we have built a modern showroom and a central European warehouse with an area of approximately 3,000 m2.

Virtual tour through the showroom
„Our goal is to bring a piece of art to tables all around the world. Because we know that while food satisfies people, it is the experience of dining that truly fulfils them.“