Extension to EU and Eurasia

Published 03. October 2016 Tags: Novelties and Development

Due to positive business performance of the ever-increasing interest in comprehensive, conceptual services around the whole table-top section, Sola Switzerland AG found itself facing a critical extension.

Extension to EU and Eurasia

In addition to that, the producer’s si­tuation, based in the heart of EU, has worsened and soon there came a question of the new position in the EU region. Slovakia was the first choice meeting the condition set, because of its ideal geographical location and various possibilities to extend the business. Nowadays, the office in Slovakia operates as a head office for countries of European Union and global head office, while the parent company Sola Switzerland AG operates further on the Swiss trade market.

With its warehouse area of 3.500 m² it is possible to deliver goods to Europe and Eurasia. The modern, multifunctional building of Sola Switzerland EU hosts warehouse as well as the office for the sales team. Because the company provides customer service in various languages, it is able to establish vibrant relationship with the customers. The professionalism in order handling grants Sola a great competitive advantage.

A store and showroom called Sola Point, where customers can shop every workday, is situated in the same building, just like in the parent company, as the warehouse and office. Functional and aesthetic new building layout speaks to customers from every segment. Sola Point presents top novelties, products and latest trends for table setting. Conceptual product examples are presented to customers individually so they can easily fit the conditions required.

Personal guidance and individual approach is inseparable part of Sola sales philosophy. Due to this, the company is able to monitor the dynamic progress on world market and updates the range of products portfolio.