Inspiring Easter

Published 10. April 2017 Tags: Promotion

When the days get noticeably longer and birds start to chirp in the morning, there spring is coming and Easter is just around the corner.

Inspiring Easter

After long winter, we all are tired of dark colours and winter decoration. Welcome spring with bright home textiles, pastel dishes and spring-like accessories. Bunnies and baskets are traditionally typical for Easter, but there are lot of Easter inspiring ideas without Easter Bunny and coloured eggs in the main role.

For spring season and Easter as well, the floral freshness seems to be a good idea. Flower bulbs such as daffodils and tulips, fresh-cut peonies, pussy willow branches with lot of buds in glass or porcelain vases and special little details in flower pots are great for indoor and also outdoor decoration.

Pastel tones, natural materials and even bright colours are totally perfect for table decoration. Soft contours, soft patterns and bright tones are very popular now. Don’t be afraid to create your own springtime Easter decoration.

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