Baguette cutlery as a symbol of unforced French elegance

Published 15. March 2024 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discover the models Baguette Original, Gastro, Elite Satin, Seven and Vintage Stone Wash

Baguette cutlery as a symbol of unforced French elegance

Just as we can never get enough of a crusty French baguette, all indications are that we can't get enough of baguette-patterned cutlery either. It spread from Parisian brasseries and bistros to France more than 150 years ago and gradually gained worldwide popularity. Thanks to its wide serving range, it can be found in hotels, restaurants and catering companies. In colourful PVD finishes, it is also popular in modern homes.

Universal cutlery pattern

It is simple and refined at the same time. The spoons and forks have an axis shape when viewed from above and from the side. The graceful curves, the generous volume of the spoon and the fork teeth, shaped into a deeper curve, create a spectacular 3D impression. The teardrop-shaped handles with a subtle hint of a raised fold reflect the light like jewels. Thanks to its perfectly balanced shape, it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The knife with hollow rounded handle in the Original, Gastro and Seven models is surprisingly light.

Cutlery, bread and diamond

Cutlery that can transport you back to the old golden days of France bears the same name as a crusty French baguette. Did you know that it was created to replace the classic bread during WWI? Soldiers could more easily pack it in their rucksacks. And the baguette pattern didn't bypass the jewellers. In 1912, Cartier boldly abandoned the traditional round-cut diamond and took inspiration from austere antiquity. The rectangular shape with a raised fold – the so-called baguette cut – can also be found in hints on the handles of cutlery. And it is not only for this reason that the Baguette cutlery can be called the jewel of dining. The Gastro model includes such special pieces as a broth spoon, forks for oysters, snails or lobsters, a steak knife, an ice spoon and many more.

Timeless classic

The Baguette cutlery design has been around since the mid-19th century. Its clean shapes won over decorative embellishments and it gradually became a universal cutlery pattern. At Sola Switzerland, we have been producing it in an almost unchanged form for several decades. The Baguette Elite Satin model has a matt finish, the Gastro and Original models are brilliantly shiny. All three have a complete serving portfolio for the HoReCa segment.

The premium Seven has an elongated more modern shape for the spoon head, fork and knife blade and more solid handles. The Vintage Stone Wash has been given an industrial look thanks to its worn and coloured finish. Which model appeals to you the most? The range of finishes is truly generous – Vintage in PVD Gold, Black, Copper, Champagne or the grainy Stone Wash?

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