Food Concepts

First-class porcelain, high-quality cookware and design accessories for catering and household. Ecology friendly philosophy and the focus on the high quality of our products is inseparable from the ideas of our business. Improving the creativity every day.


A simple and elegant collection of products with timeless design and a focus on functionality. Thanks to their universal appearance and various color options, these products are suitable for any household and can be easily combined with a variety of other products.


Innovation and functionality on one hand and unique idea and experimenting with on the other. Products that represent the concept of Flow go hand in hand with ecological standards and extraordinary design.


A collection of high-quality products was specially developed for the needs of hotels and restaurants, combining Swiss tradition and sophisticated design. The Chic concept offers a wide range of products and rich dining options.


A concept inspired by the elements of the earth and natural motifs. Modern design perfectly complements first-class quality, practicality, and long lifespan. Handmade ceramic products are also part of the Elements collection, which especially captivate with their original appearance.


Aesthetic experience can be created on the table by a special collection of handmade products with an emphasis on detail and unique craftsmanship. That is the concept of Gaya, whose products have the power to breathe artistic value into every space and create a unique place with a unique atmosphere.

Fine Dining

Exclusive collection of products. The delicate aesthetics and elegance of Bone China porcelain, also known as "white gold" due to its qualities and properties, give the products a concept of Fine Dining and a stamp of perfection.

Kids World

An interesting and playful design that turns ordinary dining into a fun adventure, especially for the little ones who are most important to us - our children. With the Kids World product concept, even regular dining can be transformed into enjoyable moments.