Food Concepts

First-class porcelain, high-quality cookware and design accessories for catering and household. Ecology friendly philosophy and the focus on the high quality of our products is inseparable from the ideas of our business. Improving the creativity every day.


To gift yourself or to give pleasure to someone, combine beautiful products with memories. That´s the content of the brand :: S-art.


The line of simply elegant products based on pure and timeless design focuses on natural look and functionality. Thanks to its universal design and different colors used, variety of products combinations is possible. These products made out of porcelain and glass easy fit to every household.

Hotel INN

Products of high quality level with Swiss tradition and sophisticated design were made especially for needs of hotels and restaurants. The Hotel Inn Line offers wide range of products with the ability to make your tables look simply gorgeous.


Innovation and functionality on one hand and experimenting with shapes and different ideas on the other. Products of the line representing the Flow concept goes side by side with ecological standards and glamorous design.


Focused on detail of the manufacturing technology, this special collection of products can change every event into an aesthetically pleasing experience – this is the Gaya concept, where products breathe an artistic atmosphere to every room and make it a place for magic occasions.

Fine Dining

The exclusive collection of the Fine dining concept is not just an eye candy. Delicate aesthetics and elegance of Bone China porcelain, also called White Gold due to characteristic features and qualities, brings perfection to all products in this line.

Kids World

Interesting and playful design can transform everyday dining to exciting adveture for the small people we care the most about, our children. Due to products of the Kids World Line, even casual dining can be transformed into memorable fun-filled moments.