New dimension of dining

Published 18. July 2022 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discover the cutlery with thick handle

New dimension of dining

Premium materials, modern design and power in one. Our cutlery with thick handles meets all this criteria. Thanks to them, you will add a different dimension to your dining, literally. Based on these shapes, your table will enter a world of new dimensions. Imagine a Rubik's Cube next to an ordinary square, which will attract you more?

Comfort in hands

The ergonomic shape of the handles ensures that they fit into your hands like a key the lock. The practical side is also important in the dining experience.
Therefore, the shape is designed to be easy and efficient to use.

Diamond shine

Cubism 21st Century cutlery belonging to the Platinum Line will fascinate you at the very first sight. The delicate shapes on its handles are reminiscent of diamonds, the brilliance of which does not allow you to take your eyes off them. The handles are hollow, so they are more difficult to manufacture. They are welded by hand from 2 pieces: blades and handles. They are so perfectly worked that their connection is invisible.

Simple lines

Even minimalism is not a foreign word in the world of thick cutlery. Proof of this is the Eve Premium Line, which brings a timeless combination of simple shapes and solid handles. Its thickness is up to 4 mm and it is made in a unique way of production – by forging.

The jewel of every food

Thanks to the unique cutlery with thick handles every laid table will look more expressive and playful. Your guests will feel even more special. Their charm is, that they make every simple dining set special and perfectly complement the more conspicuous one. Be playful, create.

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