Cutlery with a hollow handle charm with their pompous appearance

Published 31. January 2024 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discover new special pieces in Santa Monica, Bohemia, Adam and others

Cutlery with a hollow handle charm with their pompous appearance

They appear massive, but when you hold them in your palm, they surprise with their lightness. They are designed for exceptional occasions, and even the royal family could dine with them without any hesitation. If you're looking for something truly unique, opt for one of the massive decorated models with hollow handles.

Feast for the eyes

The adorned handles simply cannot be overlooked. When you look at a set table, it feels as though a beam of light is shining on them, while everything else is immersed in darkness. In each model, you can feel our passion for creating
new unique designs. The rich decoration on the Bohemia model, the spiral pattern on the Santa Monica, the diamond motif proudly displayed at the Cubism
21st Century, and other stylish embellishments are guaranteed
to elevate the aesthetic experience of dining.


San Remo


The Three Kings in the HoReCa Segment

Among the hollow-handled cutlery, models like Royal, San Remo, and Cubism 21st Century have captured the hearts of gastronomy professionals
the most. Recently, we have expanded these models to include serving spoons, cake servers, and fish forks. However, experiencing a noble dining atmosphere
does not require a visit to a luxury restaurant.Es­pecially for retail, we have created extended sets of all three cutlery models,
allowing everyone to enjoy multi-course menus at home, just like noble families.

Stylish Novelties for Gastronomy Professionals

Enchant your guests with new models that will expand your serving possibilities. Santa Monica features a handle adorned with a combination of grooving and a spiral pattern. Bohemia stands out with its royally decorated handle that also widens downward. In both of these, you'll find dessert cutlery that will elevate the presentation of sweet treats.

The third novelty is Adam, which has the handle shape and matte appearance of the popular Eva model and the decoration of Royal. In addition to dessert utensils, its portfolio has been enriched with items like a lemonade spoon, steak knife, and fish fork.



Santa Monica

Patented Technology Sola Triplex®

The passion of our production is to create new, unusual, and even unique handle shapes with various motifs. This is made possible by the manufacturing technique of hollow handles with the patented Sola Triplex® technology, which builds upon the tradition of artistic craftsmanship in our family company. The cutlery is welded from two or three pieces that must be perfectly finished to ensure an invisible connection.

They brighten up every interior

They stand out the most in spaces with rustic furnishings, but they will certainly blend in well with modern ones as well. Cutlery with hollow handles is intended for anyone who wants to elevate their dining experience to an exceptional event. Will you reach for the tried and true, best-selling models, or will you try our novelties?

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