Cookies Policy

How uses cookies?

Cookies and other such tools across this websites are used in order to enhance experience of every website user. The following policy defines in detail how it is done with

What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text files that a website may put on a computer or any mobile device after a first visit of the web. The cookie will simply help the website to recognize a device the next time the web is visited again. Web beacons and other similar files can do the same and the term “cookies” in this policy refers to all files that collect information in such way. In general there are more kinds of cookies depending on the function they serve. They either help to remember username and preferences, analyse how well the web performs on the device, or even automatically recommend the most relevant content for the returning visitor. Cookies can hold some private information too. After clicking a “remember me” option during the „log in“ process inserted username can be remembered. Most cookies do not collect information that identifies identity of the visitor. In such cases more general information such as method of how users arrive and how they behave on the web is collected.

5 different functions of cookies

  1. Essential cookies allow identifying subscriber and granting a private access. When essential cookies are disabled, the user may not be able to access all of the entitled content anymore.
  2. Performance cookies utilize other cookies to analyse and monitor how visitors use the web. This function is critical for determining the best optimization of individual parts of the web and achieves the best experience for the user.
  3. Functionality cookies use functionality cookies to allow remembering visitor´s setting of preferences. These functional settings may shorten visitor´s time to use website by individual preferences such as regional version of the web, language preferences and more.
  4. Compliance and security authentication cookies are used to prevent fraud and protect visitor´s data from unauthorized parties. All must comply with legal requirements. For example, these cookies determine if the visitor is logged in or not and what content can be granted to access.
  5. Notification Cookies are used to improve your use of the site by allowing notices of information and options. For example they allow to stop showing the signup notification when visitor has already seen it.

More about cookies

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