Published 01. October 2014

Vase. A simple word that denotes to a simple-shaped, yet an important item that has been a part of our lives for centuries.

Ancient Egyptians regularly placed various cut flowers and stylized arrangements in vases during burials, for processions, or simply as decorations on their tables. In ancient China, some vases were directly inspired by ideal feminine curves, the others’ shape symbolised harmony of yin and yang, or they were simply used for practical reasons – to store a variety of goods like ginger, salt, oils and other spices.

Vases nowadays have mainly decorative purpose. They have various shapes and sizes, they can be plain or fancy, they can proudly stand by themselves or complete the beauty of the flowers they hold. Aesthetics goes hand in hand with the functionality.

Vase exhibition at Emmen´s Sola Point displays various types of vases under one roof. If you want to get inspired what piece to get next, or if you simply want to please your sense of aesthetics this is a place to pay a visit these days.