Turn on the Flow with… 

Published 01. February 2017
Turn on the Flow with… 

Sola loves the challenge of new projects. With an idea of creating the brand new harmony of Flow concept, there has been a vision of something special and interesting – a vision of something, what could make people see the world of porcelain through the optic of a creative.

Sola has achieved to link the porcelain product with special assortments of sounds into unique melody. The Harmonaut is particular project for those, who admire technological and innovative way of progress and presentation. Come to the Harmonaut desk and lift porcelain accompanied by the sounds of your own music.

Harmonaut Manual

Come closer to prove, that porcelain can sound better than clatter.

  1. Come to the Harmonaut desk and put the headphones on to start.
  2. Lift up individual porcelain product on the Harmonaut desk randomly and listen to changes it makes to the melody. By lifting up the item the light-sensitive diode activates the unique sound. Putting the item back on the white mark, the sound immediately stops.
  3. Lift up all the porcelain products and pile them on the rotating plate in order you like.
  4. Enjoy the music you have just composed.