Peace, Joy, Love and All The Best – Happy Holidays!

Published 01. December 2016
Peace, Joy, Love and All The Best – Happy Holidays!

End of the year is the season of parties, family and friends reunions. Holidays in the school, no work, vacation, family gathering, skiing, New Year Eve’s parties and, of course, Christmas – so many occasions, when to meet with close friends and family members.

If you would like to change your dining to an event with interesting and creative atmosphere, feel free to inspire yourself with this Christmas setting. Napkins set up like Christmas trees can make your table very special.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Fold napkin in half twice, and then place napkin with open point facing towards the top.
  2. Fold first flap of the napkin down towards bottom point.
  3. Fold next flap of the napkin down over first, letting a little fabric show in between layers.
  4. Continue with remaining napkin folds.
  5. Tuck right corner of the napkin under, with ends meeting the edge of the opposite side towards the bottom.
  6. Repeat with left side.
  7. Starting at top, fold each layer under itself.

Once every layer has been folded, tuck cinnamon stick between last two folds as a trunk of the tree. Place the paper star on the top.