Night sky

Published 05. August 2020
Night sky

Fulfill your dream about peaceful dining with Gaya Night Sky and blue porcelain.

Does the world seem to you as a big circus full of chaos? Change it with color, for example. You can create the relaxed atmosphere by being surrounded by shades of blue, which have a calming effect. Our selection of porcelain will help you with that.

Gaya Night Sky.
Star of the blue selection.

Do you love peaceful summer nights on the balcony? With a drink in hand, good food and in pleasant company? Would you like plates with night sky motifs? So if you see a shooting star in the near future, don't forget to wish Gaya Night Sky.

In addition to night sky, we can bring you a piece of seaside atmosphere. All you need is a set of Gaya Turquoise Sand inspired by the beach – golden sand with turquoise sea. Have a coffee with your loved ones and create an oasis of well-being at home like on holiday. You say that blue suits you, but would you like its accent? Just choose Gaya Ornament plates with a small motif on the edge.

Take a ride on the fashion wave
Gaya Ocean

You don't have to take a cruise on the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the majestic peace of blue. Just place the interior with pieces of Gaya RGB Ocean, which represents the color of 2020 – classic blue. You can feel the depth of the ocean in tea cups, plates or directly in the whole set of Gaya RGB Ocean. Charming color tones will move dining into a new era.

Hotel Inn is Chic

The stylish Hotel Inn Chic will bring elegance to your table. In addition to the interesting dark blue color, you will also enjoy the hand-painted inner sides of the plates. Elements Glass glasses with abstract elements will add a poetic tone to the place setting.

But the greatest art of dining can only be created in a relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones and friends. If our selection of blue porcelain will help you a little, the pleasure will be on our side as well.