Go Wild: Inspiration by Sola

Published 14. September 2017
Go Wild: Inspiration by Sola

With every new season, Sola Switzerland comes with a new seasonal theme, which introduces each concept and product line. Autumn 2017 will be in WILD mood – connection of the man and nature.

Porcelain sets and cutleries designed for emotional experience are here as a result of desire to bring something unconventional. Let us introduce the world of WILD, where is no need to be afraid of showing creativity and of being yourselves.

Main products of this topic include the porcelain products of GAYA concept, which is known for its dominant shapes, surface finishes, pleasant earthy colors and special materials. Through the strong focus on the details, The Gaya concept highlights the beauty of natural textures.

Autumn is also the season of wines and due to this, Sola introduces beautiful and elegant Gaya Premium glasses. Thanks to the graceful design they can make the wine aroma stronger and the atmosphere of all the events more vivid.

The most inspiring product of the Gaya concept is the cutlery line named Exeter. The combination of different materials and colors makes the design looking luxurious. No doubt everyone will fall in love with this cutlery.