Flow in Brand New Harmony

Published 31. March 2017
Flow in Brand New Harmony

Innovation and functionality, experimenting with shapes and different possibilities bring Sola to the idea of creating a brand new concept. Ecological standards, glamorous design, pale colours, interesting patterns, round shapes – the Flow Concept by Sola symbolises a process of connection and diffusion creating a brand new harmony.

In order to make up something new and different, Sola plays with the philosophy of harmony, balance and naturalism. Thanks to it, Flow comes with new line of various products made of porcelain and glass in combination of pale colours, impressive shapes and essential materials plus cutlery with attractive decorative shapes. The symbiosis of colours, shapes and materials is flowing in balance and making up the brand new harmony. The process of creation, the mixture of different elements connected in one harmonic entity flows in natural way.

The Flow Concept by Sola symbolises a process of connection and diffusion. Two or three different things join and make up the fourth thing which can be linked together in geometric series. This can be applied in music, on shapes, colours or on functional meanings of different products, like porcelain and glass or cutlery.

Products of the brand new Flow Concept represent how innovative design of colours, shapes and connection of the latest trends with top materials can flow in harmony.