Discover Elements

Published 28. February 2020
Discover Elements

Original line full of unique pieces

We've created the Elements line to bring more art to tables all around the world. Instead of just ordinary consummation, we want to bring people fulfilling experiences.

S-Art Elements

S-art Elements hides many stories. The line consists of four elements that affect our feelings, perceptions, actions and compassion for other people or the environment. Therefore, we should always keep them in balance and in mutual harmony.

It symbolizes summer and warmth. It brings light, warmth and happiness. Inspirational and fearless fire is at the top of the cycle and its symbols are the sun, the light, the pyramid and everything that creates heat and light.

As a symbol of spring, growth and plants, it marks the beginning of a new life. It represents energy, intellect and adaptability, but is also synonymous with progress, the creative process, creativity, flexibility and resilience.

It doesn´t represent any season, but it does represent a nourishing environment that allows the growth of seeds from which the living forms appear and returns to them. It is an essential element that uses, supports and interacts with all other elements.

It shapes all life in the world, gives power and energy. It is synonymous with winter, but also with water itself, in the form of rain or storms.

Elements Glass
The elegant and remarkable Elements Glass product line is the ideal choice for any modern interior. Timeless design creates the impression that a thick smoke is being hidden in glass products. The Elements Glass line turns everyday eating into an aesthetic experience.