Wooden paradise

Published 10. September 2021 Tags: Novelties and Development

Acacia and teak treated with beeswax

Wooden paradise

What smell tickles your nose when you step into the woods? What sounds caress your ears? And what atmosphere welcomes you? It is like you are in a paradise. Wooden paradise. Even if you cannot bring the real one home, even with the buzzing of bees, you can still indulge in a piece of nature's perfec­tion. Meet the product novelties of Lunasol – acacia and teak wooden kitchen utensils.

Wood + beeswax = long life

Do you know what wood ships, pillars or houses are made of? From acacia or teak wood, because it is firm, long-lasting and can resist sun, rain and wind. In Myanmar, for example, people have been crossing the river for almost 200 years on a kilometre-long teak bridge. Great, isn't it? That is why we made the new Lunasol in the Gaya Wooden and Flow Wooden lines from this wood. And to make them last even longer, we treated them with life-giving beeswax.

Ham, cheese or olives on wood

Did you know that 1 annual ring on a tree does not always mean 1 year of life? Sometimes the tree grows three circles a year, sometimes not even one, sometimes only half of the circle … The creativity of nature opens our eyes every moment. What if you inspired yours with it? Serve on wood and give the table a piece of life.

Cut like a chef cook

With acacia or teak boards cutting will be easier than making a cup a of tea. The large dimensions will ensure that the sliced tomatoes do not mix with whole ones, and the water drainage groove will protect the kitchen counter from flooding. The wooden board also protects your knives – they will stay sharp longer.

And if you are looking for the use of large teak boards in gastronomy, imagine this: How great will a barbecue party, for example, look like on them? Place the grilled wings, fried onion rings, French fries and dips in mini bowls on them.

Warm interior even without fire

The right accessories add additional points for the pleasant atmosphere. Make the tables special with napkins decorated with a wooden ring, place a triangular napkin stand next to them and afford the cups some wooden pads in a stand.

All wooden products have the FSC®C028209 Certificate. They are made of wood originating from a certified forest which is managed in a responsible and sustainable way.

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