The moment faints, experience remains

Published 28. May 2021 Tags: Novelties and Development

Unforgettable moments with Lunasol glasses

The moment faints, experience remains

All Lunasol glasses are made from special Meta Glass® material, which has SolaSwitzerland registered under own trademark. They are combination of traditional glass craft and creative design. They are made in glass factories established in 1892. They are loved by owners of restaurants, bars and caffeterias but also home gourmets.

Features that shine

Glass is made of lead-free crystal material. It is a mixture of precious metal oxides with a beautiful color and a wonderful sound. All ecological standards are observed during production, thank to which the planet and human health is saved. The glass therefore does nto contain lead. The quality of glasses made is extremly high. Products keep perfect purity even after 1500 cycles of washing in dishwasher. The edge of the glass is laser machined. Thank to that i tis more solid, which enhaneces its features for using in gastronomy.

The goblets of glasses on stem from Crystal line with traditional round shape will get you. In the rich selection you will find glasses for different types of wine, but also tumblers designed for serving drinks, limonades or mineral water.

Square shaped, elegant look and modern design… all of this are features of 21st Century glasses. Thanks to one-piece process of production, they have extremely thin walls, which still hold their durability. Carefuly designed geometric shaped goblet also helps with the durability. Glasses without stem are stackable, which you may appreciate when storing them.

Optima glasses have round bottom, which helps the bouquet of the drink develop perfectly. You will also be interested by their massive design and thicker stems. They are ideal choice for any type of drinks.

Desing of Anno glasses, with round shapes and thin walls will enrich your serving. Besides the glasses on stem, the small tumblers with unique lines arround the bottom will catch your eyes.

Glasses on stem from this line looks the same as 21st Century line. They differ with tumblers, which have massive bottom and with shape they remind of a diamond. They are ideal for serving limonades.

The atmospehere of luxurious evening with Benu glasses. Compared to others, they are characterized by higher walls, what makes deeper experiences from drinking Small tumbler glasses with significant round bottom will complete the atmosphere. You just have to pour the whiskey in them.

The most common line from the selection. Glasses have thicker walls, massive design and great price-quality ratio. If accidents happen to you more regularly behind the bar, you will not regret the choice of Basic glasses.

With their shape, the Universe glasses are perfect and universal addition to any type of serving. You can find glasses for sect, water and drinks.

Hand-crafted glasses using traditional methods by glassmakers under the baton of a craft passed on from generation to generation.

Fantasy of handmade production
Hot glass is magical. Liquid as honey. The glassmaker has only few seconds to shape it.

Therefore, he first has to pick up the mass on a glass whistle, blows it to the unique shape of the goblet and spins it around. Every move is unique and reminds of a dance. Result is a perfect product of human hands – unique glass on stem. Flow. When you take it to your hands , you wuill be blown away by its exceptionally thin walls and elegant high stems.

High quality
crystal glass

Laser cut



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