The atmosphere of the Far East on your table

Published 09. September 2021 Tags: Novelties and Development

Luxury Asia set with ebony chopsticks

The atmosphere of the Far East on your table

The fantastic cuisine full of exotic flavours, aromas and colours includes fantastic dining.
Enjoy a set for 4 people, which includes traditional Chinese-shaped chopsticks, chopstick rests and soup spoons.

Asia set
4× ebony chopsticks
4× chopstick rest
4× asian soup spoon

You will perfectly enjoy not only classics such as sushi, noodles or tom-yum, but also any of the many other Asian dishes full of fantasy.

Of course, you will also enjoy food on delivery from your favourite Asian restaurant much better than with the enclosed disposable chopsticks or a plastic spoon.

If you are looking for an interesting surprise for someone around you, the Asia set is a perfect gift.

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