Stone Wash finish gives the cutlery a vintage look that is impressive even in terms of color

Published 27. April 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Choose Baguette Vintage, Alpha, Living or we will make your favourite model in stone wash look

Stone Wash finish gives the cutlery a vintage look that is impressive even in terms of color

They look like rare family heirloom. Simple and elegant cutlery with a Stone Wash finish can create an atmosphere of old golden times on the table.
They also fit perfectly into modern industrial style interiors. Their undeniable benefits include scratch resistance
and the fact that fingerprints are not visible on them.

Proven classic

The timeless Baguette Vintage Stone Wash is characterized by a handle
with a slanted comb that fits comfortably in your hand. The deep spoon and fork
with long tines make it easy to handle. The Baguette design originated
in 19th-century France, where it became a favorite model of Parisian bistros
and brasseries. Its specific worn look makes it a bestseller for all fans of vintage
industrial style. A copper, black, gold or champagne finish adds a special touch
to table setting. It fits perfectly into trendy modern interiors as well
as spaces with a touch of history.

Stylish Alpha Stone Wash

We have elevated the basic Alpha cutlery set to a stylish accessory
thanks to the Stone Wash treatment. After all, the beauty of serving lies
in the details. Its worn look gives it a sense of age, but we can say
that it has „aged“ beautifully. In combination with porcelain and glass
in a rustic style, it creates a harmonious set that impresses at first sight.

How do we make Stone Wash cutlery?

Cutlery with a Stone Wash surface treatment has a worn look that easily hides scratches or fingerprints.
We create it by gently controlled grinding. The cutlery is „washed“ in a drum with various types
of stones until the desired vintage surface is achieved.

Expected bestseller

The best-selling model of the Sola brand features simple clean lines and
a square-ended handle. The timeless Living cutlery set will soon be added
to our portfolio in the Stone Wash finish. The minimalist design thus gains
a unique industrial look, making it a potential star
of modern stylish establishments.

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