Special Cutlery Sets

Published 19. August 2021 Tags: Novelties and Development

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Special Cutlery Sets

We are pioneers in inventing special cutlery. We want to turn moments at the table into extraordinary experience. We were the first to come up with a degustation cutlery set and yoghurt spoons. A year ago, we introduced a set not only for vegans – the Veggie cutlery set. Now we have enriched the selection with Antipasti and Fitness sets. Would you like to know what they can do?

Antipasti Set 3 pcs – Alpha polished
Enjoying an appetizer is a delicacy thanks to a special Antipasti set. The cheese knife with a practical tip is adapted for slicing and serving. The olive spoon helps you to practically drain the brine. The cold meat fork is adapted for trouble-free serving of any kind of cold meats.

Fitness Set 3 pcs – Alpha polished
Thanks to the special design of the yoghurt spoon you will get even to the hard-to-reach places of the container. The serrated citrus spoon will help you separate the skin from the pulp. The combination of a spoon and a fork – sporky – will be useful while eating for example grapevine or berries.

Yoghurt Spoons Set 4 pcs – Swiss Cow
Sola Switzerland also paid special attention to the development of the yoghurt spoon. It has a special shape – round on one side, rectangular on the other. Thanks to this, you can get to the hard-to-reach places in any container. But do not be limited by the name. Although it is called a yoghurt spoon, it will help you eat any semi-solid foods.

Degusting set 3 pcs – Alpha polished
Do you know the Senses Stimulation Theory? According to it, specially adapted cutlery shapes can expand the sensitivity of taste buds, increase sensory capacities, offer a feeling of new discoveries, increase the joy of experimenting with tastes and change the perception of food. Based on this, we have developed a special degustation set. Tickle your taste buds, stimulate your senses. Explore and experiment with the new taste. Each meal preparation will be a new experience and your cooking and subsequent tasting will turn into a perfect stimulation of the senses.

Antipasti set

Fitness set

Yoghurt set

Degustation set

PET Package
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