Food concept novelties

Published 26. August 2015 Tags: Novelties and Development

Sola has established another successful products from the food concept of Lunasol tableware that reflect on everyday life use.Simple and effective developments from Lunasol Basic and intelligent Sola adaptation on the Gaya philosophy.

Food concept novelties

Gaya philosophy

The world is surrendering in favor of industrially produced objects every day. We believe that everything from simple tableware, to independently standing sculpture holds great significance in creating aesthetic value, beauty, intimacy, function and personal meaning in daily lives.

Sola Switzerland values the difference.

Individual abilities and contributions are recognized and are the lifeblood of our creativity and consequently of our company strength. We believe in a place to expand horizons, to share inspiration and techniques, to experiment, to grow and to dream.

Download Lunasol Gaya publication here

Basic Chic Porcelain

Basic Chic is yet another interesting fine textured porcelain set and a 2015 novelty from the Lunasol Basic family. Fine textured linear pattern boosts the modern, clean and balanced design available as favorite combination with another products from Lunasol Basic.

Basic Bread board with knife

Lunasol Basic has been extended by another novelty. Bread cutting set consist of a wooden board and Lunasol bread knife.

Porcelain Spiral

Balanced shapes and geometry of circular motives in Lunasol Spiral line. Now part of the Gaya Food concept.

Gaya Cutlery

Modern cutlery concept employing the recent urban style. Elegant matt finish and sensitive metal color PVD finishes according the recent tableware trends.

Porcelain Sand

Hand decorated porcelain Sand of highest Bone China quality. Now part of the Gaya Food concept and available in three color variants.