Nexual Degustator

Published 15. July 2015 Tags: Novelties and Development

Introducing our new cutlery range for tasting based on a scientific "Theory of Sensory stimuli".

Nexual Degustator

Tickle your taste buds

Can the shape, texture and colour of cutlery change the way food tastes?

What may the Nexual degustator lack in size, it makes up for in mix of flavours. One bite treat is served at the beginning of a meal to awaken one’s senses. Idea based on a scientific “Theory of Sensory Stimuli” by Jinhyun Jeon is to entertain your tongue and delight the eye to make you passionate about the meal served. An amuse bouche explodes in the mouth with flavour and texture by experimenting with new flavour combinations, meaning nothing is off limits but stretching the limits of what tableware can do.

Nexual degustator has been designed as serrated cutlery to stimulate diners' full range of senses at the table. We are delighted to enhance your taste sensations and sensory capacities with our Amuse Bouches. SOLA gives you an opportunity to increase joy while experimenting with tastes and get completely new and unique perception of food.