Made especially for Kids

Published 14. April 2016 Tags: Novelties and Development

Once upon a time in the fantasy world, there were three lands in a close-knit neighbourhood. Different mysterious creatures have lived there in peace, side by side.

Made especially for Kids


The land of geometric shapes called Animo is a modular world where everyone can find a friend or even build one. Discover creatures hiding in an unconventional fantastic world of symmetrical shapes.


Fruitopia opens gates to unfold magic and colours on every plate. With every bite, doors to mysterious land reveal more of its secrets and with your last bide, doors stay wide open, unveiling charming moments where miracles happen every day, that is magical and colorful land of Fruitopia.


In the Land of Racekids, fun and games are the most important. Take the car and go for a ride. Choose your favourite type and colour and have a great time.

Find your own best-loved character and make friends. Discover new lands and go through wild adventures. Make your dining funny and interesting.