Little gourmets deserve cutlery that will turn eating into a fun game

Published 11. July 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Tom Kids in a new magnetic box

Little gourmets deserve cutlery that will turn eating into a fun game

Our passion is to create extraordinary and even unique shapes of handles. For the little ones, we have designed the playful Tom Kids cutlery with 3D animal-shaped handles. It will bring a lot of joy to the table, and eating with it will be a breeze. Discover other delicious treats from our children's se­lection as well.

Interesting and beautiful to look at, smaller than adult cutlery, yet robust and ergonomically shaped to fit into a child's hand and allow excellent handling. We offer three children's cutlery sets that meet all of these criteria.

The unique Tom Kids

The passion for creating new designs, which has been passed down from generation to generation in our family, is evident in the Tom Kids model from our Platinum line. If you're looking for a truly unique children's cutlery set, choose this one with its distinctive animal-shaped handles. Presented in a stylish magnetic box, it will make a beautiful gift.

Playful Lusol 755

We also took into consideration the safety aspect of the cutlery to prevent any risk of injury. The knife and fork tips are rounded, the edge of the spoon is smooth, and the size is just right to fit into small children's mouths. With the Lusol model 755 featuring handles adorned with friendly animal faces, children will have an enjoyable experience at every mealtime. They will certainly be delighted by the new playful packaging.

Classic Alpha

Motivating children to eat can often require a lot of patience. Everything takes time and the right tools. Support children in their independence and encourage them that they can eat not only with a spoon but with the whole cutlery set. The beloved Alpha will serve you excellently in that.

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