Gorgeous heart cutlery shines on Valentine’s Day

Published 19. December 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discover the rose gold novelty from the iconic LOVE CUTLERY collection

Gorgeous heart cutlery shines on Valentine’s Day

Celebrating love calls for something special. The flowers wilt, the chocolate is eaten and the champagne runs out. Memories of the uplifted mood will be recalled by the Love Cutlery with its rose gold colour finish. Every time you enjoy a coffee, ice cream or cake. In a stylish magnetic box, it will make the perfect Valentine's Day gift this year.

When you succumb to its beauty

It was the first time that rose gold was used in his works of art by Carl Fabergé, the jeweller to the Russian Tsars. That's why in the 19th century this precious metal was also called „Russian gold“. In the 1920s it gained popularity with jewellers all over the world. We too succumbed to its charm and produced our iconic Love Cutlery collection with a rose gold PVD finish. The ice cream spoon, latte spoon and cake fork have thus been given a romantic touch that tenderly expresses love, appreciation and affection.

How do we dye cutlery?

PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition – is a special stainless-steel colouring process that can achieve exceptional colours and subtle shades in nuances ranging from champagne to gold, copper to titanium. It is an environmentally friendly metal coating technique. A thin layer of metal 0.2 to 0.5 microns thick is applied to the cutlery by evaporating particles from the metal target in a vacuum chamber. Since the coating of cutlery occurs at the atomic level, cutlery treated in this way is characterized not only by interesting shades but also by greater hardness and resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Trendy look

How is the subtle red tint of the rose gold shade achieved? It is a mixture of three different colours – golden yellow, copper and a small amount of silver. A perfect balance of art and science is necessary to produce it. The resulting effect has a trendy feminine look that carries messages of refined elegance and modern sophistication. Jewellers use it to create jewellery for special occasions such as engagements or anniversary celebrations. And we take the same approach to rose gold treatment. Cutlery that we've elevated in this colourful way becomes jewellery on the table and adds an extraordinary aura to ordinary moments.

The art of beautiful life

It brings elegance to fleeting moments of relaxation while enjoying coffee, adds sparkle to ice cream treats and makes desserts an even greater treat with the heart fork. It's time to add this coveted colourful PVD finish to your cutlery collection of treasures. In a stylish magnetic box, it makes a unique Valentine's Day gift.

Fix stars of the heart collection

Creating unique cutlery is our passion and mission. You'll recognize Love Cutlery in the classic „silver“ finish, but also with gold, grey and champagne color finishes. Which shade has won your heart the most?

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