Forget the problems with the eating take-away food

Published 14. October 2020 Tags: Novelties and Development

Take the practical cutlery To Go with you

Forget the problems with the eating take-away food

Do you enjoy an outdoor picnic from time to time? Do you travel to work or school by train? Do you enjoy camping in nature? You know how eating in the woods or on the road can be unnecessarily complicated. But from now on it doesn’t need to be…

Easy to carry.


All you have to do is pack a handy cutlery To Go in your pocket, purse or backpack. In the practical packaging you will find spoon, fork and knife.

Replaces disposable cutlery.


We think not only about your comfort but also about the nature. To Go cutlery is made of durable chrome steel and packed in a light package with a mixture of wheat fiber. Now you can forget about non-organic disposable cutlery.

Hygienic. You can keep calm about what you eat with in unknown places.


Thanks to cutlery To Go, you don't have to rely on the cleanliness of unknown restaurants and you don't have to eat with your hands at all. After use, you simply rinse it with water, then wash it more thoroughly at home, for example in a dishwasher.

If problems with eating during trips or trips to the nature limited you in your plans how to eat, choose cutlery To Go and hide all obstacles in your pocket.

Set To Go
Set To Go