Discover Sola Friends

Published 14. January 2019 Tags: Marketing and activities

Friends help us to make everything great. Meet all the friends of Sola Switzerland. Meet first of them – Reto Bärtschi.

Discover Sola Friends

Reto Bärtschi x Sola

When art meets design products, both became more special.
Pairing beautiful porcelain, cutlery with Reto Bärtschi´s sketches „Stories from Japan“ creates spectacular products of everyday use. Discover all of his exciting 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal.
Bring a piece of art to your table with this original line, unique tableware and kitchenware.

Who is Reto Bärtschi?
Reto is a contemporary Swiss artist. His work focuces on painting, drawing and metal sculpture.