Cutlery with sandblasted handle and shiny head attract with colorful contrast

Published 16. March 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discovery the novelty Porto and classic Kyoto

Cutlery with sandblasted handle and shiny head attract with colorful contrast

Reaching for cutlery with a different color than the classic chrome requires a dose of courage. Do you want to capture your guests' attention from the very first moment? Porto in a combination of dark titanium with gold and dark titanium with black will do it elegantly for you.

Colorful game

Minimalism enthusiasts who appreciate the combination of functionality
and sophisticated design will love it. It gives a light, subtle impression.
Porto is created for the hands of pleasure-seekers to enjoy
fine dining experiences without compromise.
The sandblasted handle contrasts with the shiny head, creating
a new dimension of elegance in a two-tone finish. Its rounded
end fits perfectly in the palm. The unconventional
combination of dark titanium with gold inspires setting
the table in an extraordinary, unique style.

To enhance
the taste of beverages

Add a noble undertone to your coffee and lemonade service. With colorful Porto
lemonade spoons and coffee spoons, guests are instantly transported
to another world. And that's exactly the point – to captivate them
with imaginative details, such as spoons that are different from all the others.
Both products are offered in individual sets of four.

How do we color the cutlery?

Using the PVD technique – Physical Vapor Deposition. This is a special process for coloring stainless steel, which allows for exceptional colors and subtle shades in nuances from champagne to gold, copper, and titanium. It is an eco-friendly technique for coating with a metal layer. A thin layer of metal, 0.2 to 0.5 microns thick, is applied to the cutlery by evaporating particles from a metal target in a vacuum chamber. Since the cutlery coating occurs at the atomic level, such modified cutlery is characterized not only by interesting shades but also by greater hardness and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Pride of the cutlery drawer

The popular Kyoto model is also characterized by the contrast of
a sandblasted handle and a shiny head. It is absolute favorite when you want
to cover multi-course dinners with a single model line. Special occasions
are elevated by special serving utensils such as dessert spoons, forks,
and knives, cake forks, soup spoons, and mocca spoons.
In the 77-piece package, you will also find a cake server, soup ladle,
salad spoons, and a salad fork.

For precious moments

We have put together 16-piece sets
for four people in a champagne color finish, which are perfect
for being part of unforgettable family Sunday
lunches or special events.

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