Cutlery what tells a personal story

Published 24. November 2020 Tags: Promotion

Thanks to creative combinations of words and interesting patterns

Cutlery what tells a personal story

Would you like to have cutlery not a lot of people have? Do you need an original wedding gift? Or a nice reminder of the celebration? Choose cutlery intended for laser engraving and choose what pattern or inscription you would like on it.

Create each piece specially

Give the gift from your heart. For example choose the Love Cutlery heart set with a nice engraved link for your newlyweds. Or imagine a birthday party where each guest finds a spoon with their name on the table – you can have something different written on each piece. And guests can take home a rare special made souvenir.

Make it special with patterns

Getting bored with letters? Never mind! We design interesting patterns for laser engraving of forks, spoons and knives. See how they stand out in, say, pink and gold Montreal.

Decorate your own table

Engraved cutlery is not just a great gift. Order one for yourself! You can customize it and will tell your own story.

Engraving is suitable for restaurants also

Would you like to be easy to remembered? Put your name or logo on the cutlery. It seems really prestigious.

Little things matter.