Cutleries with sinusoidal handles lie well in the hand

Published 24. February 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

We present you the novelty Vail and the classic Miracle

Cutleries with sinusoidal handles lie well in the hand

Dining without stylish cutlery is like Friends without Joey. Unimaginable. Fortunately, the charismatic food lover has stayed
with the series to the end and likewise the Vail and Miracle models will remain stylish on your table.

It draws you in with an all-mirror finish

Vail catches the eye at first sight. Thanks to the sinusoidal handle with a slanted cut at the end, it not only looks stylish but is also wonderful to handle.
It is one of the thickest cutleries and when you hold it in your hand,
you will feel like we made it just for you.

Charming contrast for the eye

The modern Miracle cutlery is captivating with its hammered handle surface, which is tastefully complemented by the shiny head. Like Vail,
it has sinusoidal, 8 mm thick handles that will delight your taste buds.
Because many people think that food tastes better with heavy cutlery.

Serve all courses with ease

With both models, you can effortlessly serve entire menus, from starters
to delicious tiramisu. They also include special pieces like a butter knife,
steak knife or dessert cutlery.

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