Crystal glasses Optima will add flair to your dining experience

Published 07. September 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

Discover the colourful novelty as well as elegant classics

Crystal glasses Optima will add flair to your dining experience

The taste of the drink is greatly influenced by the glass it's served in. Optima models have a rounded base, which enhances not only the taste but also the aroma. The thin glass and the laser-cut edge, for a change, accentuate the colour, and the precisely designed tulip shape of the chalice creates an atmosphere of excellence.

Optima or Optima Line?

We leave it up to you whether you opt for the clear Optima range or prefer the Optima Line models, which have the inside of adorned with longitudinal grooves. Thanks to this, they won't just be plain glasses, but also a beautiful table decoration. With both options, the enjoyment of beverages will take on an entirely new dimension.

Experience of Wine
and Champagne Tasting

Glasses with delicate stems exude elegance and luxury. Larger goblets allow wine to ‚breathe‘ and release aromas. In models designed for white wine with a volume of 430 ml, varieties like Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc will truly shine. When it comes to red wine glasses, there are two sizes to choose from – the 570 ml glass is perfect for Bordeaux, and the 660-ml one is crafted for heavier, aged wines. For celebratory toasts, the champagne glass will be at your service.

Even juice can be
fully enjoyed

In tumblers or long drink glasses, any beverage stands out, from fresh fruit juice to refreshing mojitos. Tall walls and a selection of up to four sizes open up extensive serving possibilities. For instance, juices are recommended to be served in the 300 ml glasses. However, tumblers excel not only for drinks. Thanks to their elegant design, they are also suitable for dessert presentation. Mixed drinks, on the other hand, will shine in the new 460 ml barrels.

Your table will be vibrant
with colors

Red, yellow, green, turquoise. Hand-painted barrels cheer up the dining atmosphere and enhance the aesthetic experience. Despite the manual processing, they are proud of their high durability. They can also be used when serving several guests. Thanks to the variety of colors, everyone will know their glass.

META Glass®
is a guarantee of quality

All Optima glasses are made from crystal glass META Glass®, which is a registered trademark of Sola Switzerland . It guarantees not only a beautiful appearance but also high durability and a lead-free content.

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