Creativity makes a difference in the value

Published 08. April 2022 Tags: Novelties and Development

Modern equipment from the Swiss brand Lunasol

Creativity makes a difference in the value

Humankind will not make a further leap forward in evolution thanks to a technological revolution, but thanks to seizing the power of creativity.
Creativity brings fulfilment to the creators and customers, while also creates a difference in products value.
Lunasol therefore builds on collaboration with artists and manufacturers and (their?) playfulness.

It all started when the Swiss company Sola Switzerland added the energetic Lunasol brand to its traditional Sola brand, which has been producing cutlery since 1866.
All in order to bring professional pots, pans, porcelain, knives and glass to our customers. Lunasol not only draws vast experience from its mother Sola,
but also adds a never-ending hunger for innovation.

It creates an environment that is open to new ideas. While nowadays we usually encounter „boring work first, pleasure later“ mindset,
Lunasol declares exactly the opposite. Joy serves as a condition for creating the perfect product/work of art, because only thanks to it,
the whole creative potential of a man is opened up.

When it comes to development, Lunasol relies on its international team who is not afraid to experiment with new ideas. Moreover, they are always ready
to incorporate well-known artists ideas into our products. This way, you get to have new interesting products full of inspiration with all kinds of surface finish.

In production, Lunasol does not recognize the term „impossible“. Lunasol sees any special requirement as a great opportunity to try something new
and fully believes in „why not“ ideology. All this is possible thanks to the hand-made production and our own ceramic/pottery workshop.
Not to mention, Lunasol can also produce porcelain in any unusual color on request.

Simply put, as a result of using all kinds of opportunities and approaches, Lunasol is able to offer wide range of modern and innovative products. At the same time,
it helps Sola Switzerland bring new experiences on table. Anyone, who wishes to join us in cultivating fine dining culture in the world, is welcome.

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