Bamboo Fiber

Published 04. October 2017 Tags: Novelties and Development

Sola Switzerland has over 150 active years on the market. Over the course of several decades, it constantly innovated, changed standards, and brought new and original ideas. However, besides that, it never forgot on its values, the needs of customers and also the environment. And it is not different today.

Bamboo Fiber

New products made from bamboo fiber have been added to the current range of eco-friendly products. If this term is not well known for you and wants to get more information, this is a brief summary of the most important one.

The bamboo fiber is made from the starchy pulp of bamboo plants. As for the cultivation, bamboo grows very fast – just about eight weeks. Plus, the bamboo regenerates from its own roots. Thus, it does not need to be re-planted. In comparison with other plants, the cultivation of bamboo does not need too much water and pesticides. Therefore, it is considered as eco-friendly and very environmentally sustainable material. Because the bamboo fiber in combination with corn flour creates the mixture, which is later mixed with resin, it allows the material be adhered and biologically decomposed at the end.

Thanks to its excellent properties, bamboo fiber plates, cups and serving dishes are extremely durable, resistant to moisture and heat. Although they are not suitable for use in a microwave oven, they prove its durability for everyday use, even when are washed in dishwashers.