Baguette cutlery takes you back to the “golden olden days”

Published 27. September 2022 Tags: Novelties and Development

Designs: Original, Vintage Stone Wash, Gastro, PVD or new Champagne

Baguette cutlery takes you back to the “golden olden days”

If we had a time machine, most one-way tickets would probably have been sold towards the time of La Belle Epoque. The optimistic era of 19th century France. A time when people greeted each other gallantly with a tip of the hat, quietly sat in brasseries and peace reigned in Europe after Napoleon's rampage. To the era when Baguette cutlery was invented. But while we don't have a miraculous device, we can at least transport ourselves to the „golden olden days“ by the atmosphere created on your table by the Baguette cutlery itself.

Anyone can eat like a bon vivant

The baguette is first and foremost comfortable. It sits perfectly in the hand and thanks to the deep spoon, the surprisingly light knife with hollow handle and the fork with long prongs, it is really easy to handle. Its elegance is even more pleasing. The oval design dates back to the 19th century, but it is timeless to this day, adorned with a chamfered pyramid on the handles and a tasteful collar. Nowadays, it is particularly popular with vintage style fans around the world. In addition to the basic cutlery, you will also find special cutlery – ice cream spoons, soup ladles, lemonade spoons as well as a cake server and a cake knife.

Opulent choice of finishes

Which model appeals to you the most? The range of finishes is truly generous – Vintage in PVD Gold, Black, Copper, the grainy Stone Wash or the practical Baguette Gastro from the Master Chef range with its comprehensive serving assortment. Any appetite for the classics will be satisfied by the Original in mirror and matt finishes. And the choice doesn't end there…

Open the bottle.
Here comes the nonchalant Champagne.

In addition to the PVD Gold, the PVD Champagne finish is being added to the Baguette Vintage repertoire. The charismatic novelty needs no shouted publicity in magazines, brochures and tabloids. Its charm would be better sung by casual chansonniers. Resume: The New Champagne is a brilliant celebration of the legendary Baguette cutlery tradition.

Combine with noblesse.
The configurator takes nuances into account.

The manners with setting up your set will be solved
by the configurator in our e-shop

Crème de la Crème.
Silvering the family silver.

Baguette cutlery is one of the treasures of our family company.
And if you want it to be even more your cutlery, silver it.

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