Accessories made of linen, cotton, and faux leather will add atmosphere to your dining experience

Published 25. May 2023 Tags: Novelties and Development

New: Choose from the collection of Gaya, Basic, and Elements Ambiente

Accessories made of linen, cotton, and faux leather will add atmosphere to your dining experience

Three materials you can rely on completely when it comes to table accessories. Linen and cotton napkins, placemats, and runners are durable, environmentally friendly, and timeless. The same applies to placemats made of faux leather. They effortlessly create a cosy atmosphere, stylishly fitting into any interior, and maintain their beauty even after years.

Timeless style

Linen has been a symbol of domestic comfort since ancient times
and is increasingly popular. Its softness, smoothness, and flexibility
immediately win you over. Similarly, the colour palette in earthy natural
tones allows you to combine linen napkins and placemats with table
runners from Gaya Ambiente. Linen in a special Stone-Wash finish fits
into any style, from rustic to modern, classic, industrial, and even luxurious.

Endless classic

Each table setting represents a new opportunity to change
the ambiance of the table and enhance moments of good food.
Basic Ambiente made of recycled cotton, decorated all around
with an interesting detail – in the form of hemstitching – ensures
a true feeling of home. Every day, you will succumb
to its charm over and over again.

Recycled cotton

It is made from old textiles and fabric scraps that would otherwise end up
in the trash. These are sorted by colour, cut into small fibres and spun again
into new yarn. Recycling saves water, pesticides and energy for cotton cultivation.

Practical and in elegant shades

You can never have enough kitchen towels. One for drying
your hands while cooking, another for dishes, and yet another
for polishing cutlery. The most beautiful one matches your
oven glove and apron. Gaya Ambiente towels boast excellent
absorbency. The neutral colours are a great bonus,
as they blend tastefully into the interior
without drawing too much attention.

Colours, materials, and their combinations

Do you desire dining experiences with various colourful
and stylish variations? Enhance your linen or cotton napkins
with faux leather placemats. Not only are they practical
(easily wiped clean with a damp cloth) and non-slip,
but you can also choose from a diverse palette of shades.

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