Siena Satin
Siena Satin

Siena Satin

Status: Regular stock

Cutlery: Lusol
For: Table, Dessert, Event and Special
Surface: Satin
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Pressed, Chromenickel steel 18/10

Available products

  Code No. Description  
Table Spoon Siena Satin 105300 Table Spoon Detail 
Table Fork Siena Satin 105301 Table Fork Detail 
Table Knife Siena Satin 105302 Table Knife Detail 
Coffee Spoon Siena Satin 105303 Coffee Spoon Detail 
Mocca Spoon Siena Satin 105304 Mocca Spoon Detail 
Soda Spoon Siena Satin 105307 Soda Spoon Detail 
Dessert Spoon Siena Satin 105309 Dessert Spoon Detail 
Dessert Fork Siena Satin 105310 Dessert Fork Detail 
Dessert Knife Siena Satin 105311 Dessert Knife Detail 
Event Spoon Siena Satin 105317 Event Spoon Detail 
Event Fork Siena Satin 105318 Event Fork Detail 
Event Knife Siena Satin 105319 Event Knife Detail 

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