Master Chef


Status: Regular stock

Cutlery: Master Chef
For: Table, Serving, Event and Special
Surface: Mirror
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Pressed, Chromenickel steel 18/10

dishwasher safe

Available products

  Code No. Description  
Party Spoon Primo 110756 Party Spoon Detail 
110761 Party Fork Detail 
Table Spoon Primo 111400 Table Spoon Detail 
Table Fork Primo 111401 Table Fork Detail 
Table Knife Primo 111402 Table Knife Detail 
Coffee Spoon Primo 111403 Coffee Spoon Detail 
Mocca Spoon Primo 111404 Mocca Spoon Detail 
Butter Knife Primo 111405 Butter Knife Detail 
Cake Fork Primo 111406 Cake Fork Detail 
Bouillon Spoon Primo 111407 Bouillon Spoon Detail 
Soda Spoon Primo 111408 Soda Spoon Detail 

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