Status: Upon request - MOQ 3 000 pcs per item

Cutlery: Lusol
For: Table, Dessert, Fish Food, Serving, Event and Special
Surface: Mirror
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Pressed, Chromenickel steel 18/10

Available products

  Code No. Description  
Table Spoon Casablanca 101200 Table Spoon Detail 
Table Fork Casablanca 101201 Table Fork Detail 
Dessert Spoon Casablanca 101203 Dessert Spoon Detail 
Dessert Knife Casablanca 101205 Dessert Knife Detail 
Coffee Spoon Casablanca 101206 Coffee Spoon Detail 
Mocca Spoon Casablanca 101207 Mocca Spoon Detail 
Fish Knife Casablanca 101208 Fish Knife Detail 
Vegetable / Salad Spoon Casablanca 101209 Vegetable / Salad Spoon Detail 
Vegetable / Salad Fork Casablanca 101210 Vegetable / Salad Fork Detail 
Salad Spoon Casablanca 101211 Salad Spoon Detail 
Salad Fork Casablanca 101212 Salad Fork Detail 
Sauce Ladle Casablanca 101213 Sauce Ladle Detail 
Soup Ladle Casablanca 101214 Soup Ladle Detail 
Pie Server Casablanca 101215 Pie Server Detail 
Table Knife Casablanca 101218 Table Knife Detail 
Cake Fork Casablanca 101219 Cake Fork Detail 
Gourmet Spoon Casablanca 101222 Gourmet Spoon Detail 

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