Food concept novelties Winter 2015 - 2016

Published 26. November 2015 Tags: Novelties and Development

Can shapes and forms of porcelain and cutlery influence the atmosphere of dining? Depending on the characteristic features of people’s temperament, experiments with forms and shapes can breathe exclusive mood to different places. Thanks to product of the Flow concept we can perfectly satisfy the trends of nowadays.

Food concept novelties Winter 2015 - 2016

Flow philosophy

It seems to be more than important trying to save the magic of the special moments in people’s life. Thank to products of the Flow concept we can make from usual dining the most beautiful part of the day. Inspired by nature Lunasol Flow reflects a simple but attractive and functional food concept perfect for those who prefer unusual ways of dining.

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Tea pot with Tea cup

What is considered to be more perfect for the chilly winter days than hot cup of tea? The easiest method of serving tea is by using this special Teapot. Made of white porcelain it keeps tea in optimal temperature for a longer period of time.

Organic Cutlery

Dining culture without special cutlery would never be complete. Unusual shapes, mirror surface and high quality materials made of are the main characteristic parts of Alpha Organic Cutlery. Best used for special events.

Wine Decanters

Special occasions need special design of dining. Wine decanters are the ideal serving items suitable not only for wines. Except wine also water or lemonade can be served in decanters made of pure glass.

Wooden Trays

Made of wood 100% from well-managed forests are these trays perfect for every household. Their clear wooden design fit to every kitchen. Perfect for fruit and vegetable.


The line of elegant products based on simple and timeless design focuses on naturalism and functionality. These products made of porcelain and glass thanks to its universal design and different colours fit everywhere. Modern, clean and balanced design available fits perfect with products of this line and creates inspirational combination.

Stainless steel vacuum jug

Suitable for every occasion hot beverages are needed. Made of stainless steel and designed in minimalist idea.

Basic Wood

Kitchen equipment made of wood suitable for every household. The perfect one among the new arrivals in Sola Basic.