Coming soon… in 2017

Published 21. December 2016 Tags: Novelties and Development

Sola brings new lines of various products in combination of vibrant colours, impressive shapes and top materials.

Coming soon… in 2017

In order to bring something new, something different, something untraditional and unexpected, Sola is working on various concepts of product lines in different colours combinations and materials made of.

Kitchen scandal made by Noise comes with innovative design and the latest trends. This concept comes with glamourous design based on contrasts and divergence. Made of top materials and designed for extraordinary untraditional interiors – that’s the Noise, the unique choice for special living.

In opposite to Noise is The Flow Concept – flowing in balance and making up the brand new harmony. The process of creation, the mixture of different elements connected in one harmonic entity flows in natural way.

New concepts symbolise the progress the company is making on the market.

In the need of something new and special, try this rip-roaring line of Noise products. Or look at the brand new harmony made by Flow.